Seasons – Ngurra Wangaggu

Produced for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Seasons is an Indigenous short documentary series that showcases Indigenous filmmakers telling innovative stories about their culture. Seasons was a joint initiative between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and ScreenWest designed to give an opportunity to emerging Indigenous Filmmakers. Joined Up Films produced the series.

Tyson Mowarin’s Ngurra Wanggagu
Tyson Mowarin is a director with a very clear vision, the eye of an artist and the spirit of a poet. The film centres on a fishing trip but it’s a reconnection, a continuing practice or part of everyday life.

This is Ngurra Wanggagu, a modern and ancient love story that is much more than a fishing trip. The film is presented in cinematic style with stunning landscape time lapses as well as intimate one-on-one shots to explore the wider and more personal connections between a family and their country, as well as their connections with each other.