Seasons – Unspoken

Produced for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Seasons is an Indigenous short documentary series that showcases Indigenous filmmakers telling innovative stories about their culture. Seasons was a joint initiative between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and ScreenWest designed to give an opportunity to emerging Indigenous Filmmakers. Joined Up Films produced the series.

Perun Bonser’s Unspoken
Perun Bonser’s film encapsulates his struggle to straddle both indigenous and contemporary dance. As a professional dancer and emerging choreographer, he has the ambitious aim of overcoming the problem by creating a duet that will be performed by two professional dancers, one indigenous and one caucasian. Not only is he creating the dance, he is also a first time director who is capturing the drama and struggle within an observational documentary.

The result is a heartfelt film that tackles a very sensitive issue head on. The use of high-speed cameras adds art to the raw and insightful observational material. Unspoken screened at the United Nations on World Indigenous Day 2013.